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  • Anita Hesch

Fall Is Almost Here and These Design Trends Are Blowing In

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to start looking at the design trends for 2017. Take a look at this list of 10 fall home décor trends.

1. Dark green. Green is especially popular for kitchen cabinets and is popularly combined with rich natural wood and leather. If you’re looking for some accents go for brass and cream colours to create a cozy space for fall and winter.

2. Relaxing retreats. Cozy, more intimate spaces are growing in popularity as people are preparing to spend more time indoors. Simply adding a comfy chair to a corner of the room, or adding a canopy or lace curtains to the room can create a peaceful space almost instantly.

3. Velvet. Combining velvet with rough natural textures and smooth metals is visually appealing while still comfortable. If new furniture isn’t within your budget, add velvet pillows or a throw to your existing pieces.

4. Woven texture. Deep woven textiles and accents create depth in a room. Offset the rough texture with soft velvet or hand-knitted wool throws.

5. Blush. Adding the blush colour to your décor is simple by adding vintage glassware, velvet pillows, and painted planters to your home.

6. Faux Finishes. Grab some removable wallpaper, floor decals, stick on subway tiles or faux florals and add them to your home.

7. Brass. Add subtle hints of brass throughout your décor in the form of picture frames, table frames, and other accessories.

8. Quilts. Quilts are an old classic, and they’re expected to make their way back into home décor this fall. Quilts offer a handmade, homey element that modern duvets just cannot provide.

9. Dark colours. White and grey are going out of style this year. Black Flame, Deep Onyx, and Black Magic are trending paint colours for fall. Along with these bold colours, chocolate brown is on its way back too.

10. Interesting bedding. Retire your plain white sheets and look for something more exciting this season. Pairing patterns together is a popular option, plus adding upholstered headboards is a popular way to add design to your space.

Of these ten trends which one is your favourite?

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