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How To: Decorate Your Home For Fall

Home decorating is a source of stress for many homeowners, so here are some straightforward DIY tips you can implement today.

Start on the Porch

Are you envious of the front porches you see in the magazines and on movies? You don’t have to be. Visit your local pumpkin patch and invest in some cheap decorations. Lining your porch with pumpkins of different sizes and shapes is always in style for a fall. Porch signs and seasonal wreaths are also trendy. Hang a wreath from the door with fall colours mixed into it or stand a ‘Welcome Fall’ type sign in the corner.

Decorate your Mantle

Metallic tones are popular fall colours and can be used on the mantle. Take a peek at your local home decor store for polished-looking pumpkins, candle holders or fall foliage. Create balance by using both metallic and matte finishes.

Change out your Throw Pillows

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the different seasons into your home decor is to change out these pillows for ones in seasonal colours. To save yourself storage space and money, invest in standard size throw pillows and switch out the pillowcases each season.

Make a Bouquet

While this might not be what comes to mind when you think of a bouquet, a wheat bouquet is a beautiful arrangement to add to your home for fall. It’s low maintenance, practical and looks best when arranged in a neutral vase (white is an excellent choice).

Utilize Gourds

Gourds make a fantastic addition to your kitchen during the fall. Place them in a basket on your kitchen counter or island for a seasonal feel. Decorating your kitchen doesn’t get a whole bunch easier than that!

Add an Area Rug

No matter the size of your kitchen or what colour your cabinets and counters are, a warm coloured rug can add dimension to the space. The dimension is a nice change of pace after the fresh, airy look for summer.

Create a Cozy Sleeping Space

Once the temps reach regular fall temperatures here in the GTA, transform the bedrooms in your home for fall. Plaid is always a popular option as are fuzzy blankets and extra pillows. When the cold nights arrive you’ll be glad you did, as will your guests.

Go Mad For Plaid

Plaid isn’t just for the bedrooms in your home. Cozy up your living space by adding a plaid blanket in red, orange or golden hues to the back of your couch or on your blanket ladder.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Utilize fallen leaves in your centerpieces or to create a beautiful work of art. Think leaves placed in the shape of a leaf and hung on the wall or leaves added to the bottom of a vase with some seasonal coloured flowers filling the rest.

Warm the Room

While this one isn’t quite a decorating tip, it’s a sure way to make your home feel like fall. If you have a fireplace in your living space or even in a bedroom, allow it to become the focal point.

These fall decorating tips are sure to bring the fall feeling into your home. Nestings Home would love to hear how these tips turned out for you!

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