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K I N D  W O R D S


We recently sold our century old house in Toronto for well above the asking price. Staging played a key part in the process, with the best features of our home being highlighted. Anita Hesch with Nestings Home Staging and Design Corp. did an amazing staging job, managing to enhance the character of our home by complementing many of its unique components, e.g. the exposed brick wall in the living room was brought to life with birch logs nestled in the fireplace insert; a pair of nesting tables constructed from natural resources, i.e. teak wood, added a tremendous warmth to the room, topped with a lovely assortment of coffee table books. Our bedroom was staged with a new designer duvet set which Anita sourced for us (this set has since been purchased for our new home!). 

Everything was left spotless after Nestings Home Staging & Design completed their end of things. We cannot recommend Anita more highly than what I've already written. She will treat your home like her own, with the utmost care and respect.


 - Marian Scott

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