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Successfully Stage Your Home With Pets

It’s true that most people love pets, however, your furry family members can play a large part when staging your home for sale. Remember to consider how they fit into the equation and how evidence of their presence can affect potential home buyers and the sale of your property.


Many people have allergies to pets. Buyers may have allergies themselves or may have a close loved one who is allergic. You need to ensure your home is free of all evidence of pets and pet dander to avoid having a potential buyer leave with watery eyes and a runny nose.


Even in the cleanest of homes, odors from pets linger around. During the staging and selling process, vacuum often, keep your pets bathed regularly and shampoo the carpets in your home to chase away any lingering odors. When vacuuming, be thorough and wash your floors too.


Pet toys and cat trees are not ideal home décor. You don’t want to leave these items lying around as they can become a safety hazard if potential buyers trip on them. They are also unsightly.


Some people have a serious fear of animals. A potential buyer may walk in, see evidence of pets and walk right back out without even giving your home the chance it deserves to be seen. Picking up a few toys, tidying up and putting some bowls away seems like a small to-do list to make your potential buyer feel comfortable.


Never leave your pets in the home during a showing. Keeping your fur family safe needs to be a top priority for you, at all times. Realtors and potential buyers can accidentally leave doors open potentially causing your pets to get lost or they could close a door and trap your pets in a room they shouldn’t be in creating a messy situation for you.

Take care to protect your fur family from the home staging and showing process to the best of your ability while maximizing your potential to close a sale quickly with the tips listed above. Nestings has experience working in homes with pets of different kinds and would be glad to assist you with your home staging needs in the GTA.

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