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  • Anita Hesch

10 Reasons Why You Should Declutter Your Home This Spring

Decluttering is something we all dread, however, it is a necessary part of the home staging process. If you stay on top of the decluttering process it will be easier to get ready to sell your home, should you ever need to.

These creative tips will help you to declutter your home, simply.

1. Work in 15-minute increments. If you find yourself weighed down by the idea of decluttering your home for an entire day or weekend, try a 15-minute schedule. The short time frame makes it simple to stick with long term, even for the busiest people.

2. Say goodbye to guilt. It is common for people to feel guilty for getting rid of items they no longer need or want. Avoid feeling guilty about “wasting” your stuff by donating items to a local thrift store, women’s shelter or homeless shelter. Giving back is a great way to see the positive in your decluttering efforts.

3. Add decluttering to your to-do list. To hold yourself accountable for completing the decluttering process, add it to your ongoing to-do list. This will help you to stay on track with what needs to get done.

4. Declutter rooms in sections. Start at the door and work your way toward the centre of the room. Continue with your efforts until you reach the opposite side of the room. This will make decluttering feel like a process broken down into steps and decrease any feeling of overwhelm.

5. Start and finish your decluttering efforts in one room before beginning another. This includes closets, dressers, desks, etc.

6. Minimize your storage space. Keeping storage space to a minimum will give you less space to fill with more stuff once you have removed excess items from your home.

7. Follow the 6-month rule when purging your closet and dresser. If you haven’t worn clothing for more than 6 months add it to your box of donations.

8. Ask for help. Outside sources have no emotional attachment to any of your items and can help you make decisions when items fall into a grey area.

9. Create a designated space for mail and other papers. A junk drawer or a filing system needs to be in place in every home to cut down on the clutter caused by incoming mail.

10. Make it a family affair. Working together on organizing your home is a great way to bond with your spouse or children and a joint effort will ensure the habit sticks.

After purging the clutter, you may find it's time to redecorate or redesign the space you have gained. To book your consultation with Nestings Home Staging & Design, contact us today!

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