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  • Anita Hesch

The Secrets of Those with Always Clean Homes

We all know that one person. You know the one that’s home looks like it’s in a magazine all the time. Many assume that this person spends hours upon hours cleaning to maintain this appearance and we are here to share a few secrets with you to help you become that person in your group.

Get to know the difference between tidy and clean.

If a house is clean it means surfaces and floors are scrubbed, and the furniture and carpets are vacuumed, however, that doesn’t mean it’s tidy. No matter how clean a home is if there are clothes or toys everyone, piles of papers and other items out of place will not allow your home to appear clean. To keep that clean appearance be sure to keep your space clutter-free.

Tidiness needs to be a daily habit.

People whose homes are always clean never wait to tidy until it looks like a bomb went off. They have made tidying up part of their everyday routine which keeps the house in tip-top shape. Tidying tasks don’t need to be time-consuming and can involve folding blankets, hanging up coats, putting mail away or picking up all the toys.

Learn to clean on the go.

Just like tidying up daily is part of a routine, cleaning needs to be as well. People with always clean homes never go to bed with a sink full of dishes, they sweep the kitchen floor daily, and wipe down the countertops after food preparation or getting ready for the day. If you spend just a few minutes per day cleaning these big-ticket items, you’ll have to spend less time during your weekly thorough cleaning session.

Make obtaining less clutter a habit.

It’s extremely difficult for a home to look cluttered when you don’t have a ton of stuff. Consider decluttering and making a serious effort to obtain less stuff overall.

Pick a dedicated drawer for junk.

Not everything can be in place all the time. Pick a drawer in your home to use as a junk drawer. This drawer is perfect for hiding those bills that need to be paid, your stationery or other clutter items when last-minute guests drop by.

Adopting these five habits will help you maintain a clean and tidy home that you’ll never need to stress over.

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