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Home Staging Tips for The Spring Season

Spring is just around the corner. As the weather gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom the real estate listings begin to skyrocket. If you want to stand out from your competition in the loaded real estate market take these spring specific staging tips into account.

Wash your Walls and Thoroughly Clean Your Floors

Winter is hard on both the walls and floors in your home. Give the carpets in your home a cleaning and buff any worn spots on wood floors. While washing floors, be sure to also wipe down your baseboards and the floor along them with a wet rag to get any dirt or grime that gets built up and missed by your mop. For those tougher stains, marks or colourful pictures, try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Swap Out Dark and Cozy for Bright and Cheerful

It’s time for those dark coloured, cozy winter blankets to take their place in the linen closet. Replace them with bright throws in warm colours. The dark, wintery throw pillows throughout your home should be changed out for bright coloured ones or those with fun floral patterns. You can also add some bright coloured towels to your bathroom, and some fresh scented candles to your coffee table.

Bring in The Sun

Now that we are beginning to see the sun on a regular basis, it’s time to let it shine in. Natural light is an excellent way to show off the features of each room and brightens up the space to make it more welcoming. On rainy or overcast days, open curtains and blinds and turn the lights on before a showing to give a similar effect.

Make Flowers a Part of Your Décor

Fresh flowers are always a welcome sight in spring so why not bring them indoors too. Light green and yellow shades are great for bedrooms as they are peaceful but cheery at the same time. Find colours that pop against the colours in the common areas of your home to create a stunning focal point.

Don’t forget the Porch

If you have an attached garage or a side entrance you may forget about your front porch since you don’t use it often. Remember-this space is where prospective buyers will make their first impression of your home. Make sure you replace your winter wreath with a spring one or even a fun spring-themed sign. Grab a new welcome mat, that also boasts spring colours and even consider adding some other fun décor such as a small table with a lantern, or greenery.

Spring is always such a refreshing time of the year for buyers and homeowners alike and staging during the spring doesn’t need to be complicated. Nestings Home Staging & Design is here to help you with your staging needs, whatever the season.

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