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  • Anita Hesch

Introducing The Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2017!

A new year with fresh design trends and ideas. I love this time of the year and learning about all the new styles that we will be seeing. These are my top 10 interior design trends for this year!

Greens of Every Shade

Green from one end of the spectrum to the other is finding its way back into style. From wall colours to area rugs and more. Not a fan of green? Tone it down and add green touches with patterned pillows, white plates with green accents or throw blankets to a room.

Tropical Prints

These are trending in both the fashion and interior design world. This year you can expect to see tropical prints on wallpaper and fabrics. If large quantities of patterns clash for you, start with a pillow, or accent photo to give your room a fresh and modern feel.


Adding texture to any room creates an inviting space. Mixing materials and fabrics are a popular trend for this year. To get started add a textured blanket to a leather couch or some pillows made of different fabrics to a chair.

Marble and Brass

Marble and brass are completely contradictory and will continue to stand out in 2017. Natural and clean marble paired with industrial, tough brass is sure to stand out and create that wow factor in your kitchen and bathrooms.


If bold and bright colours aren’t your style, say goodbye this year. The neutrals, including whites, beiges, pale grays, and blush pinks, are the go-to colours for the year.


In 2017 we will see patterns of ancient cultures, modernized come into play. Patterns with simple lines, geometric designs and triangles are becoming increasingly popular this year.

Unique Lighting

Lighting is a great accessory to your home and is a good way to show off your personal taste. This year, consider adding some statement pieces to your home.

Unique Furniture

Uniquely crafted furniture is also on the in. Well made furniture is considered an investment and higher quality furniture sales are bound to be on the rise this year.


Gray was a strong contender on the list of trending colours for 2016 and will remain there in 2017.


Bronze, the metal that warms any space, has remained a popular décor trend for years. It is a compliment to almost any decorating style and is timeless.

If your home is ready for a facelift to be on par with these, and many other design trends for the year contact us today!

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