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  • Anita Hesch

Unexpected Uses for Wallpaper

For those of you that lived through the 80’s or grew up in an older home, you’ll remember a time when wallpaper was all the rage. 2018 is the year wallpaper is making its comeback! A common issue people run into is that they love a certain pattern but don’t want to overwhelm a space. Here are our favourite ways to use those bold patterns in unique ways in your home!

1. Add a bold print on the wall that surrounds your fireplace to create a stunning focal point in your living room.

2. Add your favourite pattern to the back of your kitchen cabinets. With open-faced cabinets, you’ll be able to see your fun pattern every time you pass through and with closed face, your pattern is sure to bring you a smile every time you open the door.

3. If you’re not sure you’re ready for a full wall pattern, try adding a pattern to a door in your home. It’s a smaller surface giving you time to warm up to the idea and is enough to make a statement in your home.

4. Looking for something different than your traditional backsplash? Wallpaper your kitchen backspash with a bright pattern to bring your kitchen to life in an affordable way.

5. Add wallpaper to an entire wall in your home to create a feature wall. To add some extra flair, frame the wallpaper in like a picture.

If you were a fan of wallpaper, now's your chance to let it shine in your home. If you’re already rocking the style, we’d love to see a photo of your home!

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