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  • Anita Hesch

Prepare Your Home For Fall

The summer to fall transition is one of my favorites! I love warm fall hues, cozy blankets, fireplaces and more! Get set for fall with these 10 tips quickly, no stress required!

1. Create a fresh look outdoors. Your porch is the first thing anyone who visits will see. Adding some simple fall décor is a great way to get into the spirit of the season. Bright coloured pumpkins sitting on a table or in a corner, a wreath hung on the door and a new doormat are all practical, and affordable ways to add some colour.

2. Switch out your summer fabrics. Add accent pillows in your living room in bright oranges, browns, and reds. Change out throws to cozier materials like wool, cotton, chenille, cashmere or velvet. Layer with throws and pillows to stay comfortable with the drop in temperature.

3. Fill window boxes/planters with whites, purples, and fuchsias. Ornamental cabbage, pansies, and English ivy are great options for the cooler weather. Keep the bright and sunny feeling of spring alive this winter with these bright colours right outside your window.

4. Keep fresh fall flowers indoors. Flowers are a great way to add some colour to your home. Simply remove all leaves below the water line and change the water every few days to keep your flowers fresh for about a week.

5. Change the sheets! Replace light linens with heavier in bedrooms. You and your guests will enjoy the warmth of heavier linens for the chilly nights ahead. Bonus points to use rich fall colours including orange, red, brown and more.

6. Set up an inviting outdoor space. Add warm throws and pillows to furniture to keep warm during the chilly fall nights. If you have an outdoor fire pit, place the furniture with the cozy blankets and pillows around the pit.

7. Add seasonal touches with wall grouping. Hang assorted small frames filled with fall sentiments including black and white photos, pressed leaves and more in a grouped style on a wall in your home. Hint: second-hand stores, garage sales and more are great places to find unique frames!

8. Think rustic. If you’re a rustic interior décor fan, now is the perfect time to decorate your home in your favorite style. Fall is perfect to incorporate a rustic look in your home including branches, burlap, foliage and more.

9. Mind your mantle. A mantle is a great place to add décor for any season, especially if you’re short on space in your home. Candles, lanterns, white pumpkins or painted pumpkins (monochrome are in season) are all popular choices for the mantle.

10. It’s getting darker. With the days getting shorter every day soon we are going to in darkness as early as 4 pm. Plug in some extra lamps to give your home some extra light throughout the fall and winter.

If you’re running short on time to decorate for fall, get in touch with us today! We would be glad to help you in the Greater Toronto Area.

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