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  • Anita Hesch

How does your front porch look this fall?

Fall is one of my favourite times of the year. Cozy sweaters, bright and beautiful leaves and of course, fall décor. Here are 10 simple decorating tips to make your front porch welcome and warm this fall season.

Choose a colour palette.

Choosing a colour palette is step one in decorating your front porch this fall. Look at the most popular colours of the season. White and metallic gold are popular this year and can be used in many ways. To add colour simply, head out to your local pumpkin patch and spray paint pumpkins of different shapes and sizes to add to your décor.

Choose unexpected decorations.

Wreaths are a popular option but consider doing something different this year. A basket of apples or a rustic style welcome sign are both fun ideas that are a bit less traditional and expected.

Plant seasonal plants.

Planting seasonal plants inside of rustic planters is a great way to add pops of colour to your front porch. Choose plants with late growing seasons. The brighter fall colours you can include the better!

Make the most of your space.

If your front porch is lacking space, make the most of every inch. Add planters of different shapes and sizes, pumpkins of different shapes and sizes and standing signs to fill the space without it seeming cluttered. Offset the items you choose with one another to fill the space.

Reuse your furniture.

If you already have furniture on your front porch, use what you’ve got. Change out your throw pillows for fall colours, add a cozy blanket to a chair or swing and add some colour with seasonal flowers or pumpkins.

Use a chalkboard.

Chalkboards are so versatile and the perfect addition to your front porch. Add a fall message to your porch and when the holidays roll around, change your message.

Use a little red wagon.

You know that old red wagon you have laying around? These are a fun option for decorating your front porch. Add a couple of lanterns, pumpkins or both.

Repurpose an old ladder.

If you have an old wooden ladder readily available, use it to stand a birdhouse, a couple of planters and a few pumpkins on and around.

Create symmetry.

Regardless of the décor you choose, be sure to create a symmetrical design. Adding equal décor to each side of the door is a great way to establish this.

Add some light.

Grab 4 pumpkins and paint them to match your colour palette. Spell out fall using marquee lighting on the pumpkins on your front porch to add some light in the cooler weather.

What are your favourite items to add to your front porch during the fall season?

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