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  • Anita Hesch

Home Staging 101: Improve Your Rooms Flaws Simply

Almost every room in every home has a flaw of some sort. Regardless of what flaws are in your home, it can be really simple to flip the switch and make them a strength instead. Here are some home staging tips for some of the most common flaws found in homes worldwide.

Brighten It Up

If you have a room or rooms with poor lighting, consider adding new fixtures or replacing bulbs with higher wattage ones. If you decide to add new fixtures, choose ones based on their beauty as well as functionality. If you have a room that is specifically dark, try adding mirrors into space to reflect light.

Give Your Walls a Refresh

There is no wall in any house that is absolutely flawless. Painting with inviting colours is one of the best ways to camouflage these slight imperfections. Neutrals are great when staging to sell as they tend to match most everything, allowing buyers the relief of knowing they don’t have to repaint as soon as they move to match their furniture or décor. Matte or eggshell paint finishes are your best option as they hide these small imperfections better than a glossy finish.

Dress Up Unattractive Windows

Oddly-shaped, plain, very high or very low windows can be an eyesore in your home. If you have any windows that belong in that category, dress them up with beautiful window treatments.

Distract from Worn Carpet

Replacing carpet is expensive, so as long as you only have slight imperfections, there is no need to replace it. To draw attention away from the floor, create a focal point in the room. Add a bright arrangement to your mantel, or a bright piece of artwork to a wall to catch the buyers eye.

Make Your Home Both Fresh & Clean

Did you know aromas are directly linked to our feelings? Pleasant smells create good memories for us. In fact, it’s been shown that the first thing a buyer notices about your home is the way it smells. To ensure your home smells great all the time, add air fresheners to the space and be sure to remove any garbage that could cause smells regularly.

Let’s face it, none of our homes are perfect. When staging your home to sell you need to ensure to accentuate your home's strong points instead of showing off its flaws. We hope these tips help you to successfully prepare your home to sell!

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