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Home Staging Tips For The Summer Season

As many people know, staging your home to sell is one of the best things you can do to move it off the market quickly. Summer is a hot-selling season so it can be difficult to sell your home quickly without putting in some extra effort to make your home shine.

Here are ten tips to make selling your home this summer simple quick and easy.

Focus on Curb Appeal

When homeowners are preparing to sell, a lot of the focus falls inside the home. While attending to the inside of your home is important, don’t overlook the curb appeal. First impressions are everything right?

A lack of curb appeal can make or break the sale of your property. Be sure to water and mow your lawn regularly, tend to your garden by removing any dead plants, and leaves and trim back any bushes that may block the view of your home from the street.

Even if you're not a green thumb, it doesn't hurt to have a few colorful plants on your front porch.

Before you book your first showing take a look at your driveway, and walkway leading into the house. Ensure there are no cracks or weeds growing through.

Lastly, ensure that your house numbers can be easily seen from the street. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to be searching for your house numbers for a long period of time, causing frustrations.

Don't Forget About the Outdoor Living Space

The look and feel of your backyard are every bit as important as the curb appeal in the front. By providing them with a clear picture of what they can get in your space it will encourage them to make an offer.

Arrange your patio furniture to show space for conversation and entertaining. Incorporate bright colors by adding beach-themed or coloured throw pillows to your furniture.

Clean your BBQ and set up your patio to show buyers how simple it can be to grill and entertain at the same time.

Replace any loose boards on your deck or, if you have a loose railing or stairs that need to be reinforced ensure to complete these projects before booking any viewings.

Just like painting the interior of your house, ensure your deck, fence, and garden shed looks fresh and clean with no peeling paint.

Your Interior Living Space

When staging, be sure to remove any personalized items from your home. This includes family photos, any homemade artwork or even family signs with your name on them. To replace these items, you can rent some home decor.

The next big thing is to clear all of your clutter. Have a garage sale, donate items, place extra items in a storage unit and throw things away that you just don’t need.

Prepare for a viewing by opening all your blinds to let as much natural light in as possible. Natural light will make your home look brighter and bigger which are two things that all potential buyers need to see.

One of the best things you can do is to ensure the paint is in pristine condition. When painting choose neutral colors that would easily match any décor so no matter what colour furniture or décor your potential buyer has the paint in your home will match.

The last thing that people tend to forget is organizing closets and cabinets. Organize under the sinks, linen closets and closets in bedrooms before showings. Most potential buyers look closely at the storage space your home has and need to see the full capabilities.

As the Toronto real estate market continues to soar, it creates an excellent buyers market. When you're selling, however, it's important to stand out from other homes on the market and the perfect way to do that is by staging. If you're struggling with the staging process or simply just don't have the time, the staff at Nestings would be happy to assist you in the GTA!

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