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How to Choose the Best Home Stager for Your Property

Choosing to stage your home is a valuable investment that is sure to deliver an excellent ROI, however, choosing the right stager is key to your success. How do you know who to choose with so many great options? Here are some points to consider when choosing a home stager.

Are they objective?

Think about the stagers you must choose from and whether they can be objective to what your home needs or not. You need someone who can tell you whether your home is painted in outdated colours or someone that can say you need some decluttering and rearranging to be successful. That kind of knowledge comes from experience, so be sure to find someone with it! A stager with experience will understand which parts of your home are worth spending money on to improve them and which ones are not.

Rave Reviews and Proof to Back Them Up

An experienced home stager will have rave reviews that can be found in places like their website, Google, their Facebook page and Houzz. Check out what others are saying and how the stager has replied to the feedback from past clients. You can also find out any professional relationships the stager has with other businesses (ex. Realtors) and ask for their opinion as well.

On top of having rave reviews, you want to hire someone with an extensive portfolio. Any experienced home stager will have a portfolio of their best projects displayed online on their website or social media. Check out their style and if they have experience working with properties like what you are looking to have staged. You can always ask for case studies of past projects to show the ROI others have seen when working with the stager as well. Always remember that no home stager can guarantee how long your home will take to sell, nor can they guarantee a price, but an excellent stager will pour their efforts into your home to deliver the absolute best possible outcome for you.

Are they easy to work with and do they have connections?

For some, inviting a stranger into their home to establish a plan of action to spruce the place up can be extremely stressful. Many times, homes are in disarray, are not tidy or are cluttered with items which can be frustrating for the homeowner. On top of that, they are in the process of selling which can be emotional too. The stager you choose to work with should make the process of selling easier, not more difficult, by being accommodating, understanding, sensitive and easy to work with. You should feel comfortable talking to this individual about the project, and they should always make your day easier, not harder.

Most home stagers with experience have connections with all different kinds of tradespeople which is essential if your home needs some repairs or retouches. Remember to ask about these professional relationships when you are inquiring about staging services. Most also have relationships with moving companies and clean up crews too-all of which makes the process of selling your home much more simple.

We sincerely hope this post has helped you know what to look for when hiring a home staging company.

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