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  • Anita Hesch

My Favorite Home Staging Trends for 2016

There are many new home staging trends on the rise. I want to share some of my favorite trends for 2016.

1. The simpler the better. Simple and inviting layouts are a hit this year. Think warm colours, plants and cozy textures for home staging trends this year.

2. Brass and gold tones. These tones give warmth to any room.

3. Soft colour tones. Neutrals and soft tones are necessary in the rooms in your home that you want to stand out. Soft tones mixed with marble or metallic will give your home texture.

4. Patterns. The use of patterns will give your home a unique feel. Area rugs, pillows or curtains are a great way to incorporate patterns without overwhelming the space.

5. Spruce up your curb appeal. Paint your fence dark, replace garage doors, and utilizing neutral colours is a simple way to increase your curb appeal.

6. Give an organic feel to your home. Add plants, and greenery to most of the areas in your home.

7. A laundry room is somewhere a homeowner spends a ton of time. Give your laundry room a fresh look with light colours and extra storage space added in.

8. Updating an attic or basement can show the value of the extra space. Add in an additional bedroom or living/family space.

9. Dual-tone kitchen cabinetry is trending this year as well. Commonly, white or neutral top cabinets and dark or wood tones for the lower cabinets is the go-to.

10. Statement mirrors are an easy décor piece to add to any space. Think bright, bold colours to make a statement.

While it is hard to choose just my top 10 home staging trends for 2016 these are valuable to any homeowner out there. Do you have any trends to add to this list?

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