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Is it Worth it to Hire a Certified Home Stager?

The 2016 real estate marketing in the Greater Toronto Area has been prosperous, creating a perfect environment to sell a property. As of early summer, it’s still a seller’s market. Several of our staged properties have seen bidding wars, and are selling for above-asking price! If you’re looking to turn a profit on your home, now is the time to sell.

In this type of market, it’s imperative to ensure your property looks clean, well presented and decorated to appeal to potential buyers. The buyer wants to walk into a home, and imagine their life comfortably nestled in. First impressions are so important. Homebuyers’ decisions are based on emotions, so the home must impact their feelings for them to consider purchasing the home. By adding welcoming décor, warm colours and statement pieces homebuyers will stop and say ‘wow, look at this’ or ‘my furniture would look perfect in here’. By hiring a stager (this could come out?), you can ensure the tiny details someone may not love about a home can be simply disregarded with the right professional staging & design techniques.

A recent family home our team staged was pushed into a bidding war, selling for $100,000 more than asking price. This beautiful property sold within days. Another condominium we staged sold for over asking price, and, it sold (this could be taken out?) for more than a larger, corner unit on the same floor! The realtors were astounded, and the property sellers were ecstatic to increase their ROI.

A professional, certified home stager will advise the homeowner/realtor of the interior design needs of the home, and work with the property photographer to ensure the photos posted for the MLS listing look professional and appealing to potential buyers. Correctly positioned furniture, removal of clutter, and curb appeal are 3 quick tips to sell a home fast!

Hiring a home stager in the GTA doesn’t have to be expensive; many of our clients and realtors are impressed by the affordability. What you may not know is a home stager can utilize many of the homeowner's current décor and furniture to save cost! A home stager can do as little (or as much) to meet your needs and budget. Many realtors will have 1-2 rooms staged to create a focal point of the home.

The Real Estate Staging Association developed this infographic based on national research, highlighting the savings of vacant vs occupied homes on the market, and how a professionally staged home can save you thousands by ensuring your home doesn’t remain on the market for months!

So, Is it Worth it to Hire a Certified Home Stager? If you want to sell your home fast, and above asking price, the answer is yes! Contact us today for a consultation.

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