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  • Anita Hesch

Real Estate Agents and Home Stagers Should Work Together…Here’s Why!

Developing professional relationships with those in similar industries is essential to growing a home stager’s business. Real estate agents are the perfect partners to gain as a home stager and their relationship can be a fantastic addition to your professional network. While the benefits of working with real estate agents are excellent for a home stager, they are just as profitable for a real estate agent.

The benefits real estate agents can expect of working with a home stager include:

1. Selling homes faster and at higher prices.

Real estate agents who use the services of a professional stager are at a great advantage over those that don’t. Staging offers a different view of the property accentuating its strengths and minimizing its weaknesses. Optimizing a space’s flow can help potential buyers connect with the property and see themselves living in it. In the current buyer’s market, home staging will set your listed properties above others on the market.

2. Improvement and an increase in marketing ROI.

Real estate agents face a ton of competition when trying to acquire new listings. Optimization of your marketing program is absolutely essential to increase the ROI of your marketing efforts. Increasing your marketing plan will encourage the successful sale of your listings and drive your business to the top. When a home shows its full potential from the start the marketing material used creates a bigger impact. Marketing is an aspect of the business where a real estate agent can increase the profits they make by moving properties quickly by having less output cost.

3. Management of sensitive issues.

Homeowners go through a process during the sale of their home. Many feel an attachment to a specific item or part of their home. While this attachment and the memories are great for the homeowner, it is not always ideal during the sale. During the staging process its important to depersonalize a space by removing photos, furniture, etc. which can be difficult for homeowners to accept. Home stagers are prepared to handle all aspects of preparing a home for sale including any struggles a homeowner may face. Home stagers are effective at helping sellers understand what changes need to be made in the home to effectively market it for sale as well as creating a to-do list and ensuring it is completed.

Real estate agents and home stagers can easily create a mutually beneficial, long term relationship. Developing this professional relationship leaves the real estate agent able to focus on their strong points; marketing properties and seeking out potential buyers. Staged homes sell, on average, twice as fast as homes that are not and for higher prices than those that sit on the market. If you are a listing agent looking to grow your business and profits rapidly, partnering with a home stager is an ideal situation.

To inquire about beginning our mutually beneficial relationship, click here.

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