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And the winner is…

It’s not often we take the time to highlight one of our strategic working relationships with another local business. Nestings is lucky to have developed some strategic partnerships with local businesses and wanted to take the time to tell you about one in particular for this month’s blog post.

Lux Furniture Rentals specializes in luxury furniture rentals in Toronto and is our go-to place for furniture needed in our staging projects. At Lux you can find two separate collections of furniture; one for everyday use and more high-end items. The variety available at Lux provides an endless supply of options to meet the needs of our clients and our project budgets. Whether you’re looking for a dining room table, some outdoor furniture or a bedroom setup, Lux has something for each style.

On top of having exactly what we’re looking for, Lux’s customer service is second to none. You’re always welcomed with a smiling face and warm greeting. Lux Furniture Rentals also hold fun contests throughout the year and Nestings has been lucky enough to win twice this year!

In June, we generated the highest rental sales of all the clients that visited Lux! If that doesn’t tell you how much we love working with them, nothing will! Anita from Nestings Home graciously accepted some Toronto Blue Jays swag and showed it off in a fun video on Instagram.

Strategic partnerships when you are a small business owner are absolutely crucial. Regardless of what industry you are in, building these relationships from the day you open shop will continue to bring long term benefits to your business.

Strategic partnerships are incredibly valuable for a few reasons, but these are my top five.

1. Gives back to the local economy. When the economy has been struggling as it has in Canada, it’s even more important to support your local businesses instead of the big box stores.

2. Gives us a chance to create a long-term relationship with another amazing local business. This relationship has been incredibly rewarding. The staff at Nestings Home genuinely looks forward to each interaction with the staff at Lux Furniture. Developing this personal relationship makes doing business more enjoyable and that personal relationship is extremely hard to develop at any big name store.

3. Gives us the opportunity to support another locally owned and operated business. Small businesses need to support other small businesses-plain and simple.

4. Strategic partnerships are excellent for word of mouth referrals. Nestings is more than happy to recommend Lux Furniture to other professionals or individuals who are looking for a furniture rental service. Alternatively, we are always grateful to be featured on Lux’s social media channels or appreciate being mentioned by in any capacity. The businesses on both ends of this relationship win!

5. Saves us time by not having to jump from store to store looking for the right piece of furniture for each staging project. When we get started on a staging project and start shopping for pieces of furniture, there is a ton of time saved when we are confident we can shop at Lux and get everything we need. It makes our job much more productive!

Thanks again for the Blue Jays swag and for working with us Lux Furniture Rentals. Here’s to many more years working together!

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